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Synergistic Accounting offers advice and critical consultancy on how to manage financial systems for increased profits and reduced expenses.


New Zealand’s tax rate is fixed but the rules and risks aren’t. Remain compliant and avoid fee’s and penalties. We have ready-made systems and programs that get your away from bookkeeping and focused on profit building.


Business is never done better alone! The synergistic network is a thriving web of SME clients who relate, exchange business advice and resource and refer work to each other. This network is free to join and with no member obligations.


Synergistic also specializes in advising and accounting in New Zealand’s Not for Profit sector. We understand the complexity of providing a crucial service whilst ensuring that financials systems enable and not hinder your objectives.

We are a progressive, personal, people orientated accounting firm based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Synergistic Outcomes Ltd has been consulting small to medium businesses for over 20 years. We offer a range of business services to individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, trusts and companies.

We not only understand business but take a genuine interest in your business.




We are dedicated to the success of our clients, servicing them with passion and integrity; facilitating people in their endeavours to increase wealth.


At Synergistic Outcomes we believe in a total “hands on” approach. We help you manage every aspect of your business and our advice is tailor-made for your situation.


our services


I use Synergistic Accounting and am so pleased with their services. They take care of all my bookkeeping, tax and accounting needs. I can get on with my work and leave the accounting up to them. I don’t hear from my Accountant only once a year when I need to sign and pay but are kept up to date with what to do and the most reasonable accounting fees that I know of.


Vision Stream | Owner Operator

I have found Synergistic Outcomes to be a unique accounting firm. Wayne Oliver is engaging and good at what he does, always looking out for the best interest of my business. I am confident I will achieve my goals because of the great tools and reports I recieve from Synergistic Outcomes.

Byron Marchant

Planet Visuals Ltd.

Synertistic Outcomes have been handling my company and personal accounts for a year now, and they provide a trouble-free and professional service. They have made valuable suggestions that have enabled me to operate more effectively and profitably.

I would happily recommend them to other companies.

Bob Dedekind

We swopped our accounting over to Synergistic Outcomes and have never been happier. Not only is everything done on time and very thoroughly, Wayne even got us a really large rebate from the IRD this year. They work with us and have become and integral part of our company infrastructure. We recommend their services to all our clients and friends unreservedly.

Donald Gibbs

Trew Solutions Ltd

Wayne Oliver at Synergistic Outcomes has now cleared up this haze and together we have planned the financial future of my business with clear budgets, forecasts and starting position to launch me from, monthly statements that clearly show a dash board of where the business is heading. It is really great to have a clear financial vision and an accountant that has the time to come to my office and discuss the numbers, assist with the forecasts and financial impact of every business decision before I make it.

Thanks Wayne.

Bertha Carver

P3 International Ltd.

The hands on approach & care by Wayne from Synergistic has been refreshing and much needed. I used to see my accountant once a year; now I see Wayne regularly for down to earth discussions asto where my business is at & how to improve and grow it.

H Barnes

Sesame Seed

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Tax and Legal Advisers is a multi-functional team of lawyers and accountants. We protect your business from tax risks.

We keep your accounting books while you focus attention on running your business and generating profits.

For corporate clients, we offer a strategic plan & marketing analytics of the financial health and business risks.


Financial success of any person or organization

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