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Get personalized financial advice to help you achieve your goals in the shortest time.


Wayne Oliver is a professional having obtained a Batchelor of Commerce Degree, majoring in Accounting, Business Economics and Business Administration. He has been extensively involved in small to medium business enterprises for 19 years, and has a passion to see small business flourish.

His knowledge and relaxed nature makes Wayne an easy person to get along with and relate to.

He believes that all business should be meeting with their Accountants on a regular monthly or bi-monthly basis, and this should not break the bank. Wayne makes it easy and interesting for the business owner to discuss monthly results and plot a course of action. This synergistic relationship has in most instances produced positive growth outcomes for the businesses he has worked with. These businesses are diverse in nature and include coffee shops, plumbers, retail outlets, phychologists and farmers to name a few.

Wayne believes that business owners should work on their business and accountants should work on the figures. He will make sense of the figures while you make dollars from the business.

When you make contact with the Synergistic Outcomes office you will be visited by Wayne himself who is personally committed to your business success.

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